Saturday, January 5, 2013

Winter Poems...

Hiver ... Belle image
A Winter MessageA flake of snow in flurry thro’ the air
Had landed as a kiss upon my cheek: A secret message, just for me to share; To take to heart but never dare to speakAbout or presuppose to other eyesYour open feelings – distant though they are.And so, upon your lips, my OWN surprise: A flake of snow returned from me afar.

By Mark R Slaughter
Barre  ....
Hiver  ... Belle image  .. Patineurs
Winter time is for me.

Winter time is full of light, 
Winter time is big and bright, Winter time is full of fun, Winter time has lots of sun, Winter time is full of fruits, Winter time is time to be free, that's why Winter time is for me. 

By Mahfooz Ali 
Barre  ....
Hiver ... Belle image chez mon amie Sandy

Mother Nature Can Be Fickle

Winter’s cold is Mother Nature’s way 
Of saying, lie with me now, lay your head on my breast
It’s snow, a blanket under which to lay 
Neath a crystal cover, enjoying winter's cold caress

Frost rimed windows … Mother Nature’s art
Icy abstractions painted with frosty finesse
Crystalline concoctions that form only a part
Of Mother Natures wonderful winter largesse

Ice coated limbs of slope shouldered trees
droop drowsily down as if fallen asleep
Unable to sway in winter’s frigid breeze

Appear as white mounds, when the snow drifts deep

The stillness one hears on cold winter nights
Broken by the sudden crack of ice laden boughs
The ethereal essence of undulating northern lights
Headlights in the sky for Nature’s snowplows

All is withdrawn, in awe of Nature’s might
Willingly waiting, deep neath frozen ground
Safely sequestered, from winter’s cruel bite
In warm tunnels and burrows, til spring comes around

Mother Nature invites winter into her domain
Cohabits with coldness, wantonly sleeps with Jack frost
Yet finds cold winter quickly falls to disdain
Invites in the spring…and tells winter to get lost

Mother Nature is fickle…and also the boss! 

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