Friday, November 21, 2014

ღ❤ Play From Your Heart ღ❤

Love is like playing the piano. 
First you must learn to play by the rules, 
then you must forget the rules 
and play from your heart.


Friday, October 31, 2014

Let Me Know If You Wish To Give Me A Hand-Kiss Now

Hand-kissing, had you anyhow tried to practice this or did you in your life ever did this for somebody you dearly love or respect? Guess you might have been doing this as always or just a few instances or might as well not at all, but I am pretty sure this gesture had been practiced for many civilizations past including at this very era we are all in, indicating courtesy, politeness, respect, admiration or even devotion by a man towards a woman. Could also show chivalrous & religious respects, this doesn’t choose age brackets, even a small child to a baby can do such endearing act of love.
If I were you, go ahead and try this very endearing gesture for anybody you might feel so dear to you or to a person you highly give respect too. Have a great smile!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sunday Craze with Sweet Shoes

I know most of us has the love for footwear, and it happened that for quite sometime as I remember, I have this instinct of falling in love with such shoes like these sheep shearers, funny but it’s quite true and so this Sunday a weekend I’ve got the chance to share with you cute insights about feeling sweet with many different kinds of footwear and one of the countless shoes I love are these you’re seeing now. These does protect the feet, grip wooden floors well, and absorb sweat. So if you’re somewhere else where these shoes are in your handgrip and if you see one in your nearby shop, think of buying one for yourself. Happy Weekend Smiles Everybody (-‿◕)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sweetest 49 Goalers in 111 International Appearances, That's My Love "CR7''

Favorite Group G ''Portugal'' 2014 Yes! We’re on the Countdown Hours, soonest we’re to witness. Portugal versus Germany match. Tomorrow’s most awaited sweet encounters June 16, 2014 Fifa World Cup.
Anxieties cannot be disregarded for all fans all over the World for  Cristiano Ronaldos' tendinitis of not being fully healed yet, just a day of great victory against the Republic of Ireland. Will this condition of our Most Loved Player Ronaldo-CR7 give a shaky scenario for tomorrow's match? We'll have to wait and see then. I greatly believe that if it is for the Portugal Team to WIN then it will be. Our CR7 will make it to the TOP Always.
Keeping high spirits and hopes for another Historical Great Victory for the Portuguese People, Go, Go, Goal!!!! ‘’Great Cristiano Ronaldo.’’