Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sweetest 49 Goalers in 111 International Appearances, That's My Love "CR7''

Favorite Group G ''Portugal'' 2014 Yes! We’re on the Countdown Hours, soonest we’re to witness. Portugal versus Germany match. Tomorrow’s most awaited sweet encounters June 16, 2014 Fifa World Cup.
Anxieties cannot be disregarded for all fans all over the World for  Cristiano Ronaldos' tendinitis of not being fully healed yet, just a day of great victory against the Republic of Ireland. Will this condition of our Most Loved Player Ronaldo-CR7 give a shaky scenario for tomorrow's match? We'll have to wait and see then. I greatly believe that if it is for the Portugal Team to WIN then it will be. Our CR7 will make it to the TOP Always.
Keeping high spirits and hopes for another Historical Great Victory for the Portuguese People, Go, Go, Goal!!!! ‘’Great Cristiano Ronaldo.’’

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