Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cherry Dump Cake...


1 large can of crushed pineapple 
1 can of cherry pie filling 
1 can of yellow cake mix or white cake mix 
2 sticks butter
A can of flaked coconut


For a pineapple dump cake recipe coupled with cherries, place crushed pineapple into the pan. Don't discard the juice, pour it along with the crushed pineapple. Spread it evenly, continuing with the same activity of spreading with the cherry pie filling over the pineapple. 
Now is the time to pour the cake mix (yellow or white, your choice!) over the cherries. 
You will notice that the cake mix has a granular texture. Well, if you want a crusty and creamy morsel then don't mash it and make it even and smooth. Let it be the way it is.
To give the cake a coarse flavoring, you could sprinkle some dry coconut powder. Ensure that the coconut is not finely powdered. Sprinkling coconut powder that has tiny pieces of coconut intact, will add a different twang to the cake all together. 
Garnish it with some cashews to make the cake look and feel rich. 
Melt butter in a pan and pour it all over the cake.
Place it in the oven at 320 degrees and see the cake turn crusty from the outside and soft and melt-y inside. 
You could serve it whipped cream.

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