Friday, March 15, 2013

Poem-Enchanted Love...

Enchanted love.

He wraps his arms 

around her waist
much to her alarm
and then whispers
'tell me a dream
thou holdest so dear
within thy heart
amongst thy deepest fears'
she closes her eyes
looking deep inside
wanting no other dream
but to give him her life
she opens them
and stares back at him and replies
'thou wanst to know
my deepest dream
but what thou dost not see
tis he thats before me'
he places his hand upon
her soft sweet cheek
'to make thee mine
wouldest be mine greatest honor
for thou tis like
a rose blossoming
before mine eyes the most
beautiful creature
thy god hast made'
he pulls her closer in his embrace
hoping this love
will never fade
'then why not thou ask me? '
she says with tears
forming in her eyes
'thou knowest i want too
but until thee time is right
and thy father gives us
his blessing
thou hast to wait for me
my sweet beloved'
she looks into his eyes and whispers
'if thou waitest for me
then i shalt wait for thee
till the end of forever.' 

By Rebecca .C.

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